Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Stroller Story

*Sigh* That is really how I feel about this whole stroller thing.
My luck with strollers is rather unfortunate. My cousin-in-law is expecting his first any day now, and he asked me how many strollers we owned. They of course were arguing between one or two. I hung my head and said, "four." Which isn't even accurate! WE HAVE OWNED FIVE TOTAL. And my most recent purchase will make six.

I'm not crazy.

The first was a hand-me-down from a friend. Free.

The second was our original car seat/stroller purchase.

The third was of course the umbrella stroller. (ps I'm not even counting the stroller(s) in Oregon my family keeps there.)

The fourth.. was a bad idea. I bought it last season at the consignment sales. But could only test drive it on bumpy ground. When I got it solid concrete I figured out it didn't wobble because the ground was bumpy. Further research showed that replacement wheels were back ordered, and were $20 each. I paid $30 for the darn thing with hopes of having a lighter weight stroller for traveling.

The fifth my husband bought me for mother's day, and is a nice light weight stroller to replace my bad purchase.

Number six, and my latest addition is another umbrella stroller. I purchased it brand new, with the registration info attached, and the wheels weren't even put on yet, for $8 at the consignment sales.

The reason for my second umbrella stroller purchase??  *sigh*  I packed Bradley into the car and never turned around to pack the stroller. I drove away and left it in the Marietta Square. Major blond moment. At  least my husband was really nice about it and kindly told me maybe someone really needed a stroller and they found yours and you helped someone! Unlikely, but it made me feel better at the time. I still repeat his lame but calming story to myself when I think about leaving the stroller just sitting there. It still makes me feel better.

The horrible part is that $8 for the new one at the consignment sale isn't even a good deal compared to the hour of annoyance that came with it! Here is the short version..
I waited in line for 5 minutes, then waited for the cashier to finish checking out the person a head of me for 30 minutes.. grr. THEN I had to wait for 15 more minutes for the cop checking everyone's receipts to verify I had indeed purchased one item for $8 and it was a stroller. GRR. If it wasn't a cop I would have just walked away. But cops are persistent, I didn't want him to track me down in the store and make a scene. That would have made this whole process even more fun!!

In the end we have four strollers in our garage. One doesn't work, three we use on a regular basis. We have the pool stroller- the large one that can hold a car seat and various flotation devices; the walking stroller - which is the light weight one I like to travel with; and my new umbrella stroller that lives in the back of the car.
The hand me down one I handed onto a friend moving out of the country for a few years.

See, I'm not crazy.

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