I'm a 1 year old mom, and a 28 year old graphic designer. I have this itching desire to constantly create new things and I'm just lucky that my family puts up with me. And luckier still that my sister was ready to take on the insanity of my brain and harness it into the web! I've been married only one year longer than my sis, and I've only been a mom one year more than my sis, but I swear she knows more about both than I do. 
Other than some GD on the side, my little boy bug, hubby, and border collie fill my life with sweet rewards. I'm so excited to add this new quest into the online market with our loveable pendants to my list of happy things. Oh and I really like fish.

Heidi Anne 

I'm a brand new mother as of October 2010, and a lightly seasoned wife of 4 years as of August 2010. My husband, son, and I are having an adventure in Meadville, Pennsylvania where my husband attends grad school at Edinboro University. The roles that I play in my life are, the bread winner (currently), mom, wife, friend, accomplished self taught cook (I think I'm accomplished!), lover of music, food, scrap booking, and many other things.