Monday, August 1, 2011

Fave Things - LDS Love

This week's faves are from Etsy! Each one is from an LDS seller/artist. I cannot believe how totally cute this little collection is! Link to actual page with links!

I'm completely enamored with the family tree from The Staker Store.
My great Grandma Jordan had a family tree on her wall when I was little. It was huge! At least in my childhood memory it took up nearly a whole wall. It had cut out ovals to put photos in, and places to write names. It was all filled out, and had extra photos glued on top rather than in the little ovals. I always looked for my own picture or my cousins or siblings even, but I think we were too far down the line. Let's face it, it was a Mormon pioneer family... there were 30 some grand kids I'm sure!

But this tree is so simple, and non sequential, and beautiful! I think anyone with photoshop or illustrator could make their own!

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