Thursday, August 11, 2011

Consignment Dealz!

Last season was my first time attending the All 4 Kids Consignment sales. I was overwhelmed at all the deals and wished I had found it sooner. This year I was much more prepared.

This season I wanted to get some winter clothes, an umbrella stroller, and dvds. (I found if you go on the first day you can find brand new clothes, with the tags on, and "like new" condition for kids clothes.) I ended up finding exactly what I wanted, plus a few books, a puzzle, and duplos! I'll have to post the stroller story another day... I don't have the energy now.

Here's my loot!

I think I did pretty good! I found Baby Einstein movies for $5-$3 each, the Duplo bag was $5, and I found name brands like Disney, The Children's Place, Osh Kosh and Arizona.

I spent $35 on clothing. I am very very critical when choosing clothing. It can't be more than $5, must show NO signs of stains or rough wear like those little fuzzy balls that happen around the sleeves. It must also be cute. Cute colors that you don't typically find in cheap stores and cool patterns or imagery that is relevant to our family. For example, I would never buy any Georgia Bulldog anything-there is a lot of it here in GA. Nor would I buy any Cubs, Stealer's, or Marlins sports teams stuff - even if it is really cute, like really really cute.

The sadistic side of me wanted to see if all this crazy searching and inspecting of second hand stuff was really a savings. This is what I came up with...

ConsignmentFull Price
Carters Coverall$5.00$10.00
Carters Coverall$5.00$10.00
Blue hoodie$3.00$15.00
Osk Kosh LS Tee$2.00$16.00
Long Sleeve Tee$2.00$6.00
Child Place LS Tee$2.00$9.50
Disney Vest$3.00$10.00
Child Place Sweater$5.00$15.00
Arizona Sweater$1.00$13.00
Child Place Tee$3.00$9.50

I tried to find accurate prices, and I feel like I did pretty well. Of course no one buys all full price items, we all buy the sales stuff! But this comparison makes my savings look huge!!

Plus I have a slight hippie side to me that says, "Of course it is worth it, it is just like recycling! Re-use is one of the three R's!!" And that is true. Especially for the toys. My mother in law still has the legos and duplos her kids played with. Those things last forever! Better to pass them on or save them rather than dump them in a landfill. Okay, back down off my hippie high horse..

I'm most excited for this outfit. Now if only it would be winter weather, and if only Brad would grow.. That is a whole other issue..
He'll be 24 months in November... Will he fit into 24 months clothes?? He had better!

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