Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Japan Project... Complete!

This last month we decided to end our Japan project and donate all the money we had collected. We have to say a big thanks to all our friends, family, and Etsians who helped us raise money for Japan!!
We are so proud to announce 
that we were able to donate $290 to the  

  It took a lot of research to figure out how each group would use the donated money, but we loved the Global Giving website. They actually have12 different Japan relief funds that target specific needs such as families, orphans, the elderly, rebuilding infrastructure, and more. We donated our money to helping the families! Thank you to all who donated and helped spread the Hope in the wake of this disaster. 

 We never expected the response to this little effort would be so great - really. We thought if we can donate $50 it will be a miracle.

This was my workspace mid Hope Pendant boom! We were getting orders every day (which is a lot for us)! Heidi and I were making pendants every day for a month at one point! I got tired of wearing mine, so I put it on my keys. They just slide right on any keyring. I love seeing it dangling between my stack of shopper's rewards cards and my car key.

Neither Heidi or I have ever done anything like this before. We were so surprised by the response. I know we didn't raise some crazy amount, but for our efforts we were so pleased to be able to help Japan in a small way. It was really a lot of work to donate all the profits from these little pendants. But I would do it again in an instant because the feeling of "doing something" and being able to help in some way was so gratifying.

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