Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pickling Peppers!

 My husband is a lover of peppers. Me, not so much. I can appreciate the flavor they give off, and handle them in small doses, but that's about it.

We planted 5 pepper plants in our garden this year since the hubby loves them so much. Banana Peppers (2), Jalapenos (2), and Serrano (1) peppers. I dig the banana peppers in sandwiches every once in awhile, mostly because I love the vinegar flavor. Otherwise, I am a big wuss.

I enjoy pickling/canning things, if you didn't know already, so I thought peppers would be good too! We can always use some peppers in our food storage. And they last for quite awhile, so it works out!

 First you have to prep all of your peppers by cutting off the tops. Some people cut them in smaller pieces or rings, but I like to leave them whole.

 Then cut up some garlic to either stick in with the peppers, or boil in the pickling solution. (Depending on how strong a garlic flavor you would like.)

Then boil some vinegar, water, sugar, salt, and the garlic. Make sure not to burn it!

 Canning is labor intensive, and gets super hot! So pick a good day! (I chose to do it on a nice humid day so the tempeture in my house got to be above 90 degrees. Smart, eh? Also, it helps if you have AC!)

Sanatizing jars
Make sure to sanitize your jars, and keep them hot when you pack them full of the peppers.

Then when they are all packed full, pour the vinegar pickling solution over the peppers, pop on a lid and secure! (When packing the peppers, make sure you stuff it as full as you can, every single space. The peppers, or whatever you are canning will shrink and constrict itself into a smaller space. Leave about 1/2 inch to an inch space from the top, otherwise your jars will overflow in their water bath and after they settle and cool.)

Then for these peppers, water bath them (boil them) for about 15 minutes to get a good seal with your lid, and to prevent any contamination or future spoilage.

Here is a basic recipe to follow. But you will need to apply more "canning" techinques than are given. I have lots of answers if there are questions!

THIS recipe, is what I use my canned/pickled banana peppers with. I will eat these sandwiches all day long, and with all the peppers I can get. It is super easy, and so so yummy!
Italian Beef Sandwiches Recipe

Seriously, yummy!
Happy summer, and happy pickling your peppers!

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