Monday, August 29, 2011

Costume Time

We are going to Disney's Not so Scary Halloween Party this year..
My husband suggested we dress up as a family...
Toy Story Style.

So naturally I couldn't just go BUY Toy Story costumes! (Even though I would guess it is cheaper than making your own when you are ridiculously detailed like I am). So the hunt began...
 I spent half of last week hunting for shirts, hats, fabric and glues of all kinds. Then I spent the rest of the week working on various parts of each costume. My Jessie shirt is the only thing complete at the weekend's end. But I think I will have everything done in time.

I started with a Goodwill $4.95 shirt with 3/4 short sleeves.
(this is going to be in Florida! I'm not wearing long sleeves!)

I had to find a yellow Woodie shirt for Brian, then I could match a yellow fabric for my shirt. Using tracing paper, I drew/traced the shape I wanted, cut it out, fixed things, then used Under Wonder to iron the yellow fabric onto the shirt. This was actually the most difficult part of the whole thing. Ironing onto stretchy material is difficult. You have stretch EVERYTHING so it is perfectly flat before ironing.

Next I drew my Jessie swirls on tracing paper, and then hand traced that onto the yellow fabric. I used Tacky glue and glued down the red rope, but I sewed it down later. I figure I'll be holding Bradley, this stuff needs to stay put!

Many pins were used to hold the rope in place while it dried. I am not a talented sewer, and could have NEVER just sewed these swirls on!

Ta da!

We are slowly approaching:
I tackled the sleeve cuffs next.
Mine are going to be at my elbow though. Which I think is a way cute spin on the costume, but you can decide.

I used tracing paper to make an arm band, then cut it out of the yellow fabric. I ironed the yellow fabric to some really thick Pellon stuff. I don't know what it is.
Then I tried various swirl designs. Big ones and little ones.

Ya gotta go with the little ones, even though they are more work. They look so much closer to the original charater. I didn't want to redraw everything, twice, so I traced it on! Brilliant!!

 Again with the pins.
 A little sewing  and some felt pieces and I have my super cute, Jessie arm cuffs!

Now I need red yarn hair!
Don't worry, I'm working on that too...


  1. Umm, WAY super cute! I want to go REALLY bad now! I can't wait to see the rest of the costumes! Isn't Bradley winnie the pooh?