Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to hold a Pencil - Creatively

I was browsing around pintrist when I came across a unique pencil holder. So I started searching for some other fun pencil holders. Nothing.
I searched Etsy. Nothing. All I found was normal cups or tin cans covered in fabric. I could swear I've seen all these funny pencil holders somewhere in my life. It appears the crafting communities I'm privy to do not really think outside the box when it comes to pencil holders.

However a normal google search revealed many creative and hilarious pencil holder designs. I feel much better. However many of the the clever ones, like this porcupine one, are only available on a Japanese websites. grr. 
All this deep thought about pencil holders led me to evaluate my own. Man I am hardly better than the rest. Cups, jars, a plastic tupperware case. BORING!
I resolve to find better, more exciting pencil holders.

Here are some of the fun ones I came across in my search.

Hahaha that last one just kills me. Ahahahaha.

These have potential for out of the box pencil holders. The pencil holder, as in the one that only holds one pencil, cracks me up too. I can just see it on some pretentious graphic designer's or artist's desk. But I still love it.

Where do your pencils live? I understand that a pencil holder with a capacity for one is not very useful. I have a tendancy to never ever throw away pens. So I have four or five different jars or otherwise dedicated to holding my collection of pens, sharpies, mechanical pencils, chap sticks, and nail files. I don't know where else they could live! Don't pencils and pens belong on top of your counter, next to your phone, in a mug?

I do have one inventive place I keep my pens.

I found this little pyrex dish at a antique mall and couldn't leave without it. But it didn't really have a purpose or a place when I got home. So I kicked out some knicknack and put it by my back door to hold stamps and a pen. Even if it is overflowing, it is still cute.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I love you because...

I have recently jumped into the world known as Pinterest. It is the most wonderful, and addicting website ever! It is like a virtual cork board of all your favorite ideas, quotes, favorite websites, and recipes. So lately when nap time comes, that is where I'm usually at, perusing the new fad crafts and exciting things. 

I decided I wanted to try and make something that I had "pinned" recently. I thought this was a cute, easy craft that could be enjoyed by all in the family.
This "I love you because" frame is actually pretty popular right now, google it, seriously. But I still couldn't pass it up, so here is what I did.

I got a frame that I liked that would match my other decor... (8x10 is a great size for this!)

Then using some scrap booking paper and my Cricut to cut out the letters, I glued it all together! I chose to make it a little different than the original one I saw.

Then just cut your paper to the frame size, and (yay!) you have a new cute craft to hang up!

My husband might think I'm a little crazy for making and hanging this, but who wouldn't love to have little reminders of why they are loved? I love my new craft and look forward to all the fun lovey reasons my husband and I will share with each other! Happy crafting!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fave Valentines things

Still need some inspiration for Valentines? Etsy has a million and one valentines things, these are my faves. Here are some snazzy and yummy ideas for inspiration. Bonus, you can still purchase all these in time for the 14th! Even the cake pops!

First we have a funky steampunk key heart ring from ParadiseFindings
Next are some cuuuute cake pops from mycakepopshop

Okay so I know that this last one isn't everyone's style, but I know I could sure use a cupid hedgehog print to brighten my family room-   by HansMyHedgehog

Monday, January 23, 2012

Printable Valentines

It worked! Aren't they adorable!
I took a minute and printed off these cute Valentines cards from the freebie we posted a few weeks ago. I wanted to make sure they were as cute on paper as they were in my digital file.

Easy peasy. Just print and cut out along the grey lines (don't cut the middle line on the white ones unless you want just squares). I hope you enjoy sharing a bit of valentines love with your buddies this year!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Faves

We has such a crazy wonderful end of the year! We literally had photo pendants drying on every flat surface possible at one point. We wanted to share a few of our fun orders this past holiday season!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers!! We love transforming your photos into little pieces of love! Enjoy your new photo pendants!!