Friday, August 26, 2011

Pendant Ideas

Hey everyone!

We are fast approaching my favorite season Autumn, and better yet, the holiday season! I was thinking of some ideas that we could have for special pendants for this seasonal time, but then I got to wondering what YOU wanted. So often Stephanie and I make pendants that WE like, but what do YOU like?

We would like to know what kind of ideas you have, what you would like to see on a little scrabble pendant. It could be holiday related, anagrams, specific colors, words, whatever! What are your ideas?

Here are some images that make me excited for the coming seasons, maybe Stephanie can design something with the feel of these!

Or maybe some of these!

Again, these are just some ideas that come to mind when I "google" "Christmas swirls".

Ok Stephanie, here are some ideas, READY GO!

As for everyone else, tell us your ideas! We would like to make some new designs, and what better to make than something that YOU want! Happy coming seasons!

(YEAH! Autumn is almost here!)

Ok, one more idea. GO STEPH, GO!

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