Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week ONE of Giveaways!!

We have twenty some new designs ready to go! So to celebrate we are going to be doing one giveaway a week for the next three weeks! That's right! You could potentially be the proud new owner of one of these neat beauties!

Aren't they so cool?

Here's what you need to do to enter. Since facebook seems to be the popular way to get the word out these days, we are going to take full advantage. We have a facebook page here. Please "like" our page and become a follower so that we can give you updates as to giveaway winners, the coming weeks giveaways, and any other future products we might have. Then copy the URL (web address) from THIS page you are currently reading, at the very top of your screen and paste it under a "link" on your own facebook page to let your friends know so they can also enter. Then so we know that you've done these few easy steps, leave a quick comment on here letting us know that you did it! Simple right? Easy? Piece of cake? All for an awesomely trendy pendant you can wear for FREE?! YES.

Here is what you need to do one more time:

1."Like" or follow our facebook page here! 
2. Copy this "Week ONE of Giveaways!!" web URL at the top and paste it on your own facebook to let others know. Or to make it easier, just copy and past THIS ---------->
3. Leave a comment on THIS blog to let us know you've followed the steps!

Make sure you enter by FRIDAY July 1st 11:59PM since we will be picking the winner on Saturday and starting the next week's giveaway.

Then sit back with bated breath to see who wins one of the puppies up above! If you happen to be the lucky winner for this week, we will ask you which is your favorite pendant of this week, and we'll send it to you in the mail. Who doesn't love giveaways!? 

Oh- and don't forget to enter each week for more chances to win! Stay tuned!

We are trying to get the word out about our new and exciting product, so give us a hand, spread the word, and win a sweet pendant for yourself in the process!


  1. I did it! You guys do such great work!! I hope I win!! :)

  2. I put your address in my link. I love your creations.

  3. I did it! I love the 'I love the mountains' one! Cute!

  4. I did it! Love the bird one!

  5. Pick me, Pick me! I love the bird pendant!

  6. I posted for you....I love the Live Laugh Love one. And your custom designs are great.

  7. Heidi, This is awesome. How about a CTR pendant?

  8. Got it done! Love all of them! Way to go Heidi!!