Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Father's Day Cards!! Retro Style!

To all our dad's out there! Here are some free, printable cards for Father's Day!
I came across some retro Father's Day images and I couldn't keep them to myself! SO here are a few cards I came up with for father's day!!

Here are the designs in jpg form. 

Easy Card Printing Instructions:
1. Click on/ open links below.
2. Print.
3. Cut paper in half along the dotted line. Fold card in half. Now you have two super cute retro dad's day cards!!

Retro Cards PDF #1
Retro Cards PDF # 2

To make nice cards, choose a heavy weight paper. To make trendy cards, choose a cool paper color that matches your dad's level of groovy-ness! (Orange= most groovy, green = moderately groovy, light blue = umm we still love you dad.)

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy and Just Something Made for sharing their neat retro finds!

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