Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Treats - Prints Under $30

Let's start a new thing.
I love making collections of pretty things, it is like living vicariously through your computer. I can collect and collect all the pretty combos of things I find on the computer with out spending a dime. I thought it would be fun to share my little collections. They aren't always "esty-ish" but this one is... because etsy makes it easy to make collections (called treasuries, w/e- I've been doing this since way before I found etsy!)

To check out the individual items click here!!!

Anyways. I'm trying to come up with some fun art pieces for my house. I buy all these frames and need to fill them! Lets be honest, I'm a graphic designer... not a photographer, not a painter.  So even though I have had a class or two, I don't have the kind of talent that can come up with a work of art in a reasonable amount of time. I could do it if I had the focus and time.. but I'm a mom. So I focus on my babe and spend time doing everything else.

Each of these prints is under $30. Some of them are sets of three, four or even twelve! Some are giclee print, some are photos. I just love them all!!

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