Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Watchout - Update

Well, I got the bedroom wall painted, the plants planted, and the decal for the wall mostly designed.. So pretty successful "hubby out of town" experience!

One could describe me as cheap. I think of myself as creative and resourceful.
So I took all the left over paint from painting that room and mixed it together! I came up with a beautiful deep gray blue.

Old paint job... Yea it is cute, I've just lived with it for the last three years and now I'm tired of it.

Obviously I had to prime first. I only had one quart of primer on hand, but somehow I made it spread over the whole wall! Yes I did sand the lines with sand paper first... however I should have used a sander, cuzzz it didn't completely get the lines out. Oh well.

 I taped all around the edges with the blue painter's tape, which works pretty well. Then I use a paintbrush to go along the edges and around the outlets. It makes it easier to use the roller. If you are a pro like Brian's mom, she skips the taping step and just paints all the edges by hand - according to Brian.

 I maaaay have given a few canvases a base coat because I like the color so much. I dunno yet what I'm going to do with them.

 Okay so it is not as chipper as the stripes... YET! I've got plans I tell ya. I'm working on a vinyl decal to go over our bed, plus if we ever have to sell the house this will sell better.
 Do you ever just look at your room, any room in your house really, squint your eyes at it and suddenly despise everything in there. Yea I do that to my bedroom all the time. I couldn't stand the stripes because the headboard cut them off in the wrong place, but I loved them at first. Now I can't stand those little ikea lamps on our bedside. Grr. This is why I can't buy expensive things, I'll just get board of them in a few years but then I can't justify changing things around.

Onto the gardening!! We can't have an average garden here in GA, the squirrels eat or bite every fruit or veggie that pops out of the ground. So this year we went for the herbs and flowers garden in pots garden.

Empty pots.

 Full pots! A shocking floral statement, I know. But I think it is cute!

 Okay so ya know what I reaaaaaally want to go with my garden?!!
Spoon garden markers. Wouldn't my little pots look so cute with little spoons sticking out! Alas, they are $7.50 each, and well.

I guess I am cheap.

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