Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Kicks

Like my little ad? You can tell it is my foot becuase my stupid jeans always do that little flip thing on the bottom edge.
 I love my Rocket Dogs.
My mom gave me my first pair three years ago for Christmas. I now get a new pair every year.
It isn't like they are fancy shoes, or have special "makes you run faster" features. But I love them because I can usually find a really cute, quirky style for $15-25 bucks. They fit like my Jack Purcells of the 90's, but have fun patterns and stitches that don't make me feel like I'm wearing old lady shoes.
We were getting Brad some new shoes one weekend and I spied these out of the corner of my eye..
Please!! I begged Brian. Then I lifted my right foot and bended the toe upward to reveal the warn bottom of my shoe and the many holes that water gets into. Fine, Okay, he says. And boom! New summer kicks!! (Plus a $5 off coupon at Famous Footwear always helps.)

These are last year's model.  
I'm really tough on my summer shoes, so they only last a year and half-ish before I've warn them out pretty far. Hot summers, and impromptu trips outside mean I don't wear socks, and I don't like tying shoe laces. Sadly this year's pair of shoes DO have shoe laces, but you can keep
them tied and still slip your feet in and out just fine.
 Yes, I'm a bare-footed girl who still refuses to constantly tie and untie her shoelaces. You know you don't like tying shoe laces either.
I love my Rocket Dogs. Cute toe swoop, cute brown and yellows, what isn't to love.

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