Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spa Bathroom? Right.

When Brian and I got married one of my first "wifely" orders of business was to elevate our bathroom from cluttered with college crap everywhere, to an orderly, nice, elegant, adult bathroom. Too bad we were living in a tiny apartment. I think organized elegance takes more space than we had at the time. I put my bathroom beauty ideas on hold and simply replaced our soap dish and toothbrush holder with the nice silver ones someone gave us for our wedding.

I still have grand dreams of having a spa like bathroom. 
When we bought our home I was first excited about my new craft room, but second excited about our cool adult bathroom. So much potential...
We have a separate tub and shower, and a nice big soak tub, the sinks are actually IN THE BATHROOM - which is an improvement over our newly wed apartment bathroom.

So Step One, Paint!
I love the blue sea tones.

Step Two, Surface Textures!
Our bathroom came with the average sink and tub porcelain-like surfaces. But Our shower was a definite upgrade, it has these beautiful natural color stones. And our floor is some kind of nicely matching tile. Nothing fancy, no granite. But I still think everything is on the right track. No old wood colors, no old wood 80's trim.

Step Three, Accessories!
Everyone's fave right? Even if you can't paint and you can't change your surfaces, you CAN accessorize! This is what I'm working on.

 I always try to make my accessories useful in the space. Relaxing art.. a place to put our toothbrushes, a place for my makeup, etc. So I gathered accessories to fulfill these needs. Cute cups, bowls and trays to organize our needs.

 Useful, beautiful cups designed and hand crafted by my brother in law. Cute and stylish little makeup tray. Cotton swabs in a little brown cup I made. Cute and simple and most important practical.

Sadly the rest of my counter looks like this. 

THIS LOOKS LIKE MY GRANDPARENT'S BATHROOM, with fewer bottles of pills.
But, I use all this stuff, or at least Brian does. Every day. This is even a really good day! This is as organized as it gets!!! What else do you do? Maybe I need more baskets. But I don't think my hubby would actually put his hair gel, toothpaste, etc back into a basket at 5 am in the morning.

I don't believe spa bathrooms exist in the wild.

I've tried, really really hard! But I just use my bathroom too much to have it be a clear space with clutter-free surfaces. I'm still working on the art work. I'm stubborn and only buy art work from the store if I really like it. So I'm trying to find some cheap frames and put some photos in them. Hopefully this will distract from the messy sink area. I guess I use my bathroom too much to have it be a spa like anything.

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  1. I agree....orderly spa bathrooms are only found in model homes and hotels. But I'm totally jealous that you have some of Deric cups! Now they look cool!