Monday, April 18, 2011

Food Storage: Stephanie Style

I try pretty hard to convince my husband (and myself) that we really need to work on our food storage.

I must not be very convincing.

*sigh, my mother in law would be so disappointed.

She isn't LDS (latter day saint), but she IS super prepared for disaster! If you go to her house I dare you to look under ANY sink. There you will find flashlights, first aid stuff, and... food! Gold fish crackers are usually hidden under bathroom sinks. But yea, every single place she can hide a bottle of water, a box of canned soup or crackers, you will actually find it there.

Very impressive mother Lou.
She told me once that her idea is simply to buy an extra pack of something at Costco every time you go, and slowly build your stores. Then after five years, go through and donate the ones that have a year left on the expirations and keep going.

From my pitiful display above, you can see I am trying to do that. But I'm also trying to work on our "Three Month Supply," as Heidi labels it. (man who knew she was so on top of things! Cool on you Heidi!) So my three month supply is a combo of Costco boxed items, and items that we commonly use- like chicken broth and Ritz crackers.

We are working on the water supply. But every time I buy an extra thing of water bottles we start drinking them.. So that isn't going great.

However, if toilet paper is what you are looking for, We've got it!! We are completely prepared for disaster when it comes to having extra rolls laying around. Check! (there may have been once or three times that we threw toilet paper in the cart instead of paper towels.. )


  1. I love it! You crack me up. I can just see the understanding and explicit words coming out of your husband's mouth as he pulls out the TP instead of paper towels. haha

  2. Well, in a disaster, we will exchange a bucket of wheat for a case of TP. We'll both be pretty desperate for water, so we may need to hook up with someone else. I have two of those big blue barrels that I have never filled...shameful, isn't it?

  3. ok- all you guys - Cindy fill up your barrels, Stephanie I've got an easy way to help you get your food storage on a weekly basis. Make your mother proud Go here:
    that's my site, a work in progress but lots of good info.
    PS - I need to buy 4 of those I am a mom pendants, they are beautiful!

  4. Fair trade Cindy. We'll go over Brenda's when we need water ;-)

    I really did read one of the articles you posted Brenda! The top 10 one. That is when I put two boxes of cereal in my closet. Seee you didn't even think I was listening.I was, and then passively acting. Next week, two more cereal boxes and another bottle of water!

  5. Steph! Looks like my food storage and while we are on the subject... I just started a blog with the purpose of sharing recipes which incorporate food storage into every day meals. It is called, so if you have any fantastic recipes you would like to share... (o: