Friday, March 25, 2011

A tisket a tasket...

a green and yellow basket.

Well I didn't buy any green or yellow baskets. I bought blue and brown ones!

I have an obsession with baskets. We moved into a house, and I bought baskets to hold all the little things. Then I bought baskets to hold the clothes. Then I bought more baskets and more baskets. I think there is a basket in nearly every room of our house.

Anyway, today's basket purchase has been a long time coming.

This week Bradley and I had a TON of errands to run, so we made it a fun day out together! We hit all the thrift shops in a 15 mile radius, and then went to lunch at Willamson Bros before his car seat nap. Things went really well till the last 30 seconds of lunch. All I did was calculate the tip and sign, but it was just long enough for Brad to tip his cup upside down and empty it into his lap. (Yes I had lunch by myself with my kiddo, I am crazy)

Now I've learned this lesson a few times - ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP SET OF CLOTHES AND DIAPERS IN THE CAR. But of course I had nothing in the car, just a diaper in my bag.

So we proceeded to the backside of my Volvo where he was stripped from the waist down and wet-wiped off. Considering we still had a nap, Costco, Joannes, and one last Goodwill to go to, that backup set of clothes could have really come in handy.

Fast forward story to today, the solution to my naked baby = new basket! No really, it is a great idea!! I'm going to keep a basket in my car, that will from hence forth hold a backup set of clothes AND snacks, and maybe a flashlight and first aid kit cuz my car doesn't have those either.

See. Perfect plan.

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