Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ikea, my dear friend, thank you for making huge, cheap pieces of furniture that are not ugly and are fairly durable.
I don't know how you all have arranged your computer/family/craft rooms. But we have combined all three, and thanks to Ikea, now we can cram all the stuff each of those rooms needs into one huge bookshelf!

Now Brian, my dear hubby, insists that this bookshelf thing is way too big for this room. Aaaaand we may have to disassemble it to remove it from this room, but I think it fits perfectly! And clearly we need the storage. 
The computer desk used to be in this little nook, but we converted it to a kid friendly space. It works perfectly! Any kid, including my own, who enters this room is drawn to this corner and all the cool things there are to do. Drawers to explore, dvd/vhs players to shove things in, old game systems to put cds in. Toys, boxes to climb on!
Ikea helped out with the white drawers in this area, I think everything else came from Bed Bath & Beyond while we were in college.

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  1. That looks way cute! I don't think its too big at all. But you can tell Brian that if he is worried about space, he can start by thinking about what to do with that HUGE shoe! It takes up the top of one whole section of your bookcase! =)