Friday, March 11, 2011

Picasso Dogs

Last week we found a Color Wonder Crayola drawing pad and we have been in a drawing/dancing groove ever since! Well, Bradley mostly dances and I mostly draw so Bradley has music to dance to. Occasionally Brad will come over and request a crayon so he can add his artistic flair to the page.
Bradley is quite talented for his age.
I still need some work on my crayola skills.
Yesterday I happened upon an email Etsy sent me, with a link to a mini drawing workshop. Since I've been in a sketchy mood all week long, I tried it out
Mind you, my artistic skills mainly use the computer. Drawing has never been my strong point- as illustrated by my next few photos. But still! It was so fun!

The two exercises we did were called Picasso Dogs and I think the other was called Picasso Elephant. The photo above are the examples the instructor did/showed. And it looks super complicated but it isn't and I fully encourage you all- or ya'll depending on where you live, to try it out!

This is my dog. My friend said she couldn't see the dog in there, but the instructor said that was okay, so I don't mind. It is just so refreshing to make something silly and have fun with the fact that there is no right way! The instructions are all the same, but every piece will come out different!

Supplies needed are a piece of paper, two sizes pen or shapies, and 4 or 5 colored pencils. The instructions are simple for both exercises. They go something like, draw and eye, turn the page 90 degrees, draw and eye.

Anyways, I thought I would share this fun little exercise to keep your creative minds flowing! You absolutely don't have to be an artist or drawer to try, it is simple and actually designed for children. Bradley and I worked on this last one together, you can do it with your kids and let them have fun being creative!!

If you didn't catch it before, here is the link to the video!

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