Friday, October 28, 2011

So I look in my mailbox and I find this odd little box sitting in the back. Not thinking much of it I gathered it up with the rest of my mail and threw it on the kitchen counter. A day or so later (because sorting your mail when it comes out of the mailbox is way too organized for me) I actually look at the odd little box and figure out it is a little box of tissues. It is addressed to me and in very tiny print on the side it said "Sent from Heidi."

Who else but my sister would think... "Hey there are free samples of tissues online! I know, I'll send a box to my sister. She probably needs them." and then I bet she thought something like "She's the biggest snot I know!" ha ha ha. No I bet she really thought "My sister doesn't know how to breathe through her nose, she could definitely use some tissues!"

Thanks heidi. I blow my knows in your general direction, with love.

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  1. haha, there are many reasons I sent you tissues. 1 being, yes you are blowing your nose all the time, I just saved you a couple of tissues/toilet paper. 2 its way funny! And 3, to get them myself I had to send them to someone and you popped into my head for all the above reasons. =)