Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to make a Woody Costume

Woody is actually not too hard of a costume- especially for a guy. Blue jeans, boots, a hat, a red scarf, a sheriff's badge- are all things you either already have or you can get a dollar type store. We actually are not cow people and didn't have boots and couldn't find them for cheap, but the costume turned out just fine anyway. Woody's yellow shirt and cow vest are another story...
Ya see, these two items and the hat, are what make up the Woody caricature. With out them you are just a cowboy, so it is important to make them look as proportionately close as possible.
Okay done lecturing.

I found my yellow shirt at a thrift store. It was actually a challenge to find a "yellow" collared shirt.

The stripes...
How do you think you would put stripes on a shirt??
Yes that is exactly how you do it.
Red fabric marker and a ruler.

Tip: Start with the back so you can get the hang of it on the side that will be covered up by the vest!
I slipped my fabric cutting board under the shirt and could see the grid lines through it! So I just used those as my guides rather than measuring each line!

Tip: For the sleeves, create parallel lines using the top of the sleeve as a guide for the horizontal lines. It doesn't matter where they begin or end really, just keep everything at 90 degree angles. The same goes for the vertical lines. Just as long as they are square to the horizontal lines. (the top of the sleeve in the photo is the part by the horizontal ruler. sorry it looks confusing)

What! It already looks like Woody! In the end I used 7 fabric markers and took 3 trips to Joannes.  You probably could use a sharpie, but they bleed a bit.

Wondering about the vest? We'll get there. Check back soon!


  1. Amazing! My lines would be totally crooked even if I used a ruler LOL :) great job!

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