Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have you ever heard of Pintrist?

A few months ago I started seeing some of my friends on facebook linking to something called Pintrist. Naturally I ignored it thinking it was another Farmville or MafiaWars facebook phenomenon. Then my real life every-day friends started talking about this Pintrist and all the cool ideas they had "pinned." What? Pinned?

They claimed that I really really need to get on Pintrist, that I would love it. That it is more addictive than facebook, but even better because it has all the most amazing crafts, decor, art, food, recipes, what ever that I could imagine. I resisted. I didn't need another addictive website in my life.

Now, months later I too have discovered Pintrist.. in all its glory.

For those who are unaware of this latest networking craze let me inform you.
Remember when you find a really neat tutorial on snowflakes, or a wonderful recipe for blue berry pie, or even when you find a beautiful photo, hilarious poster, amazing couch, pretty jewelry... and you would bookmark the page. And never be able to find that bookmark ever again. Pintrist is a virtual board where you can "pin" all those cool pictures and links you found, and be able to see them all at the same time.

Not only is is great for collecting all your faves as you surf the net, but you can see your friend's faves too! Let me tell you my friends have some good taste in decor and food (which is all I'm interest in, but they have tons of other categories.) Think of it as a pretty inspiring facebook, where all you see is what your friends like instead of status updates!

Here is a snippet of my "Holidays" board that I've amassed in 4 days.

So you should be my friend so I can see all your faves too. Chances are, you found it long before me and are already a Pintrist pro.

Never the less, we now have a pintrist button! see top left of our blog!

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