Monday, December 5, 2011

How to decorate your Christmas tree!

Happy December and Merry Christmas!
Goodness I just love this time, who doesn't really? I love how everything feels festive, people are kinder and happier. You get to see all the lovely decorations and put your own up that make your home feel a little warmer.

Christmas is something I have always loved. Decorating trees on the other hand, has not always been my favorite. My parents owned a craft and antique bazaar that was put on annually. Our big show was in the fall, and it was basically all about CHRISTMAS! And what is probably the most recongizable symbol of Christmas? Answer: decorated Christmas trees. Guess who got to decorate a lot of them? Answer: Me.

It wasn't that bad, I was just worried they wouldn't look good enough. But my mom taught me some general "rules" or tips I suppose, to having a beautiful professional looking tree. See here are some of those steps that I applied to my own tree for Christmas. (Although my mom taught me how to be a pro tree decorator, I am far from it. But I think it still looks pretty.)

Wrap the center of your Christmas tree with lights
Keep in mind this is just an idea, but I love the way it looks! My tree's colors are blue, white, and silver. So I wrap the center of my tree in blue lights, that way it will add just a bit more blue and brightness to the tree.

Tip: Put your string of lights on a small object that can fit between the branches.
This will help you keep from getting tangled and having lose strands of lights here and there. Then just go in circles all the way up the tree!

Tip: Oh, seriously wear long sleeves. 
If you have a fake tree, even a real one maybe, wear sleeves! It will help prevent scratches to your skin.

This is what my tree looks like after I wrap the center. Oh, its going to get good, stay with me!

Then you will need to "fluff" your tree, unless you have a real one.
Just spread the branches out every which way. I usually do RIGHT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, UP. This then makes the whole branch look full, and then eventually the whole tree is nice and fluffy.

After fluffing...

The next step would be to start putting on your big decorations, pics, ribbons, etc.
I'm not a ribbon pro, but put some twists in the ribbon as you wind it around, it will look pretty. As for pics, which are bits of garland or flowers or berries, whatever, you can stick these in different spaces to help create a completed look. It just gives the tree a little bit more extra magic.

Next you will want to add your next biggest ornaments or decorations.
TIP: Go in threes. What I mean is, when you are putting on your Christmas balls or whatever, work in threes, make little triangles of sorts. If you are working in triangles, the whole tree ends up getting covered in the same amount of ornaments, and you don't have all of one kind on one side. They are equally dispersed and holes should be easy to eliminate.
(I started out with the 3/triangle rule and then kind of forget about it since I now have a toddler.. My goal was to not have any glass ornaments too low.) =)

You can kind of see with the blue ornament balls how this is done.

Next step, teach your son how to be very careful around the tree, and to do "soft touches".

Put the rest of your ornaments on!
You can finish up by putting on the rest of your ornaments to the smallest ones, always working in 3's if you can. Then your tree should be nice and full, and beautiful!

Final tips: 
- Get a pre lit tree, its so much nicer than stringing your own lights. But, real trees smell SO good! Its a toss up!
-Get a tree skirt that will make your accent color to pop. I asked my mom about this. I was debating between and blue and white tree skirt, and she said the blue would make the white ornaments on the tree stand out. I wanted the blue to stand out, so I got white. I think it looks pretty good!
-Make sure you have a sturdy stand, you don't want your tree to fall over!
-If you do have kids, keep the important ornaments up higher, and try to keep the glass ones higher as well. The ones that are reachable, secure really well to the branches. Make it hard to pull off. Its worked for me to far. =)

Last tip, don't stress it if you tree doesn't look as awesome as you wanted it to be. Its Christmas, and everyone will enjoy having the tree up and the beauty and warmth it brings. Merry Christmas!

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  1. wow I've never wrapped the center of my tree with lights. how pretty! I'll have to try that next year!

    I love that your tree is blue and white. So heidi.