Friday, December 9, 2011

Dollar Store Pop!

We are SO busy with orders we barley have time to post on our blog!!

But I wanted to share my fave part of my house this year. I relish the opportunity every year to do something festive over our fireplace mantel. I use mostly the same elements each year, but I always like to add a new twist. For the last few years I did new stockings.Last year I added photos! This year I decided it was okay combo my two different types of stockings.

The majority of my decorations are collected slowly. This mantel took a few years to amass. However, the fun little pops of color and spark, plus the frames are all from the Dollar Store!  It isn't much but it adds to the overall effect. A few ornaments here an there and 5 dollar store frames (I didn't even paint them) and 5 holiday-ish, winter-ish photos and printed in black and white, a few 3M hooks later, wala! A personalized holiday wall that features my most treasured memories and pretty things.

Hmm if I were giving tips for doing your own mantel they would be, pick only 2 - 3 colors, vary your height (one of the hurricane vases and one of the porcelain figures are each on a upside down glass vase for height), use your local Dollar Store for little perks, and 3M hooks are every girl's friend!

Happy decorating!

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