Monday, May 16, 2011

Downer Design Day

I'm having a downer design day. I still struggle with the transition from full time graphic designer to full time mom / nap-time crafter. I was technically only employed as a graphic designer at iii Design for a year or two, but I miss it. Plus I had six years of wearing the graphic designer title while I was in school. So really, I have been a designer way longer than I've been a mom.

Last night I had a dream, we moved back to CA and Missy, my iii boss, gave me my job back, and then I was cool again. Then today, I started looking at other blogs and I found all these neat ones!! The Graphics Fairy, Polly's Paper Studio, 100% Hand Made, Whimsical Musings.

But this one got to me:
This chick is a mom of 3, was an Art Director for two different agencies, and now does logo design on the side. What! Who is capable of all that???! PLUS- some of her designs are so cool.

I think most designers think they are hot stuff, and when it comes down to it- I'm no different. So I really hate finding designers who are similar to met, be but waaaaay better. This chick counts. Plus, I another "better tha me" designer on etsy this week- her stuff is similar to mine and is so cute. Too bad for all you I'm too selfish to share who that one is!

What I really want to know, is how did all these (I assume women) blogs become well followed and so cute. And how on earth do they have the energy to have a very active blog and do all their wonderful crafts, projects, sell online or elsewhere, and in many cases have a family.

I'm trying I'm trying! But mostly I'm trying to be a good mom, and then trying a little to have good design in any design endeavor I have, and trying less to have a super spiffy blog.
Good thing I have the most adorable boy to remind me that my priorities are defiantly in the right order!

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  1. So yea, I was feeling sorry for my little designer self and decided to change all the settings for my blog. Fonts, background, colors, w/e. I feel better now. thanks for listening.