Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Thrifty

I am a Goodwill frequenter. Maybe 3x a month. I have a select list in my head of items I am willing to buy at Goodwill:
Wool sweaters (for crafting), glass kitchen stuff (I am on the hunt for an adorable butter dish with matching lid like my grandma has), maybe fabric or sheets for crafts, and art or frames.

But I am very selective. If I cannot conceive of where it goes or how I am going to transform what I am buying, I don't buy it... Most of the time. But this was a no-brainer.

First, it is a print of Degas - a famous artist who loved painting ballet, and I've loved this artist since high school. Second it is a cool piece, not framed but adhered to the wood with an external frame thing. Third, it is from the Z Gallery. WHat! Their art starts at $39 and goes way up from there..
Fourth, it is an artist the hubby likes and from a place the hubby likes so he can't complain one bit.

I heart good deals.

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