Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Treat

I'm not a good cook... But I love to dabble in fun desserts!
I also worked at Rockey Mountain Chocolate Factory for a while and now I think I know everything about chocolate. And I definitely know everything about chocolate covered bananas!

So I whipped some up for a little girl crafty night I had at my house! If you want a recipe I used this one from Epicurious to get the chocolate/oil ratio. But it is really really easy, I'll go over the basics.

Grab a sauce pan, 2 cups of chocolate chips, and 2 tbsp canola oil.
Melt over medium/medium high heat till smooth.
Take the pan off the heat and let the chocolate cool. (I thought it would harden right away... three hours later I could still dip my finger in and swirl the chocolate around... not that I did that or anything.)

Cut up some bananas, or other fruit, and start dipping!! Shake off the extra, plop fruit down in your toppings and carefully roll around till covered! Then, freeze your little dippers!

 Wala!! Chocolate covered bananas!!

Then I got this great idea!
My toddler- who had been watching my every move from a chair he pulled up to the counter - could help me with a few!!
 I dip, he sprinkles. 
It worked out very well. He was very very good at the sprinkling part.
 So I rewarded him with a bite!!
 Turns out he still doesn't like chocolate that much. He spit it out and wiped it on his shirt.
 A small price to pay for an afternoon of fun. Oddly, he liked the frozen chocolate banana version much better.
Note to Self: Get a kid apron.

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