Friday, October 21, 2011

Toddler Craft - Ghost Foot Prints

I have a fetish for foot print and hand print stuff. Any time I could figure out how to put my footprint in an art project growing up.. I did. Weird I know.  ANYways. I saw this cute craft somewhere online and I had to try it out with my own toddlywink.

Black Paper
White Paint
Black Sharpie
Glue Dots

Other stuff you might want:
Drop Cloth
Third hand to handle painted child
Paper Plate

It isn't that difficult of a concept. Paint on paper plate, dip child's foot in, press to paper (or I sat my child on the sink and pressed the paper to his foot, much less messy). I wanted six ghosts front and back for my front door, so I did six left feet and six right feet. Dry. Then draw all the little spooky faces you want.

Cut them out. I liked a straight line across the toe area, it looked like a ghost silhouette. Then I taped two back to back, not caring at all about if they matched up or not. Which is weird for me.

FINALLY- and this is my tricky Stephy trick, I put scrap booking glue dots on the ghost mouth to attach them to the window! You don't even notice it from the front side. Brilliant!

Now go rush to your windows and put them up!!!
However, when I went rushing to my front door (because I really was so excited!) I fount this little guy waiting for me. Not frightening in any way right? Yea well you wouldn't have known that from my reaction.

Naturally after I was done screaming in surprise, I logically- quickly stuck all my ghosties to the windows and ran back to the kitchen for a cup and a piece of junk mail. I came back just in time to see it scamper under a nearby toy. I opened the door and waited. Nothing happened.
So I moved the toy. AAANd the thing came running at me. So what does a grown woman who thinks lizards are really cute do? Scream, uncontrollably, like a girl, and run away.

After I stopped laughing at myself I herded the little guy out the front door and proceeded to photograph my cute little ghosts.

My toddlywink LOVED this monday night activity, and still shows me the foot prints in the window and asks to paint his feet. (not with words mind you, but with emphatic gestures.)

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